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HTS-605 / 440C Beak Style Engraved Folder / EXCEPTIONAL Art / Handcrafted / Hometown Knives / Metal Engraving / EDC/ Folder / Pocket / Sharp


Hometown Knives Damascus Folder hand crafted to appeal every eye. The Art of Hand Engraving can be described as the process in which a hardened, shaped, and sharpened piece of steel, called a 'Graver', is pushed through the metal's surface. This is done with one of three methods: by hand pressure (push graver), with a small lightweight hammer and chisel (graver), or with a pneumatic air-driven hammer.

The smooth handle feels natural when held in the hand with a natural grip. The hole features one hand opening and the brass liner Springs in place to lock the blade when fully opened. Impressive workmanship that will turn heads. Comes with a custom sheath.

The 440C blade is quench and tempered to a hardness of 59-60 Rockwell C.

Overall Length = 7.5"
Blade Length = 3.5"
Blade Width Max = .75"
Handle Length = 4.0"
Mass = .5 lbs

Low maintenance 440C blade doesn't require any oiling, but recommend keeping it dry.