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HTS-401 Custom Handmade Damascus steel BOOT Knife/ Dagger Knife / Turquoise Bone + Walnut + Camel Bone Handle / EXCLUSIVE / HomeTown Knives


Hometown Knives Boot Knife / Dagger Knife is hand crafted to near perfection. This Gamblers Dagger / Boot Knife has well over 25 hrs of work invested into it, including; forging, filing, fitting, grinding, polishing and more polishing. The Dagger has combination of real Turquoise Stone w/ Brass Liners with walnut and bone spacers. It's a full tang knife robust design. Impressive workmanship that will turn heads. Light, rightly sized and beautiful art that is meant to be put to use. Comes with a custom sheath that grabs the Dagger with a snug fit and the clip locks it in place.

Blade Material = Twist Damascus Steel

Overall Length = 8.25"
Blade Length = 4.00"
Handle Length = 4.25"
Mass = .60 lb.

Damascus Steel is forged to have over 290 layers of 4340 HT and 1095 HC. We oil quench and water quench temper to a hardness of 56-58 Rockwell C. Some of the many steel advantages include the following: Blade edge resistance from the harder steel, micro serrations from the alternating layers and ductility from the 4340HT steel.

Maintenance Recommendations:
- Store in a dry environment and NOT in the sheath for a long period of time to prevent rust.
- Oil or use Flitz polish to keep the shine and prevent the blade from rusting
- To sharpen use 18 - 22 deg angles or finer grit stones to hone the edge

Customer Reviews

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Nice knife, wrong sheath

The knife itself seems to be made with quality, although the wrong sheath was sent and I’m still waiting to receive the correct one