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HT-14 Review by ManCave

HT-14 Review by ManCave

I was looking for a Damascus Tracker knife and I ran across Hometown knives, I  liked what I saw so I inquired. When the Tracker arrived I was impressed with the quality of the beautiful Damascus blade accented by the black micarta handle. The knife is definitely a aesthetically pleasing. It really is a work of art.

This knife is designed to be more than a showpiece. Put it in your bug-out bag, carry it on your side,take it on your camping trips, or any outdoor adventure. The blade has been heat treated to take impact, so feel assured that this knife is a tool. The knife is a multifunctional piece that allows you to use with flint for starting a fire, chipping wood or batoning.  The Front edge can be used to chop like an axe or can be used as a skinner. The Tracker feels good in the hand and the handle's design really aids with the chopping motion. I like the grip on this knife, and it allows a comfortable fit, whether you are right or left handed.

This Damascas Tracker has been hand-forged with combinations of 1095 high carbon and 4340 high-tensile steel forming around 300 layers and boast a hardness of a 57-58 Rockwell C. This knife is built to take on various outdoor task and will definitely serve you well as a camp knife or survival knife, I would put it in the bushcraft category as well. Take it on your hiking trip or if your into back or bikepacking, keep it in your bug out bag, or if your a collector this would display nicely on a stand or behind a nice glass. I think this knife is definitely display worthy but when you have a tool like this you definitely want to use it. Along with the Tracker comes a sheath that is a nice piece in its own right. It fits snug and has loops to fit on your favorite belt.

The folks at Hometown knife have created a functional piece of art in this Damascus tracker. I have wanted a Damascus tracker for a while now I must say I'm definitely impressed the quality of this knife, the look of the Damascus blade, along with the handle that compliments it well. I like the heft in the balance of the Tracker and how it feels in the the hand. This is a great all-around knife. If you're looking for a  quality Tracker then definitely check out the link below.


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